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My aim is to market my product, honey, in a professional way that is as near perfect as the honey bees can make it. Your satisfaction is at the center of every sale. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product or you determine that there is a defect with the product I will replace it at no cost to you or refund your purchase price in full. This return policy makes a statement to you, the customer, as to the quality of my product and how good and pleasing it is and this is why I stand behind it 100%.

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My Honey

Honey Product Line

My honey is 100% pure organic, directly from the hive to you. It is not pasteurized to prevent from granulating as most honey will over a period of time. When honey granulates simply place the container in hot water-110-120 degrees- and it will return to it’s natural state with all the health benefits still in tact. My honey is not blended to develop a certain flavor or color. The color and flavor of my honey depends on the source of nectar the bees gather to make the honey.

My label says 100% pure honey. If you read the label on most commercial honey you will find the word “blended” and the different countries from which this blended honey originates. And it is pasteurized. My honey is different in that it is not pasteurized and there is a personal touch that goes along with every bottle. The bottle is filled by a real person, the tops and labels are put on the bottles by a real person and there is an “aim to please” that goes along with every sale.

My honey goes well with a lot of different foods, such as a honey and peanut butter sandwich, banana nut bread, ice cream topping, pan cakes, buns, and the list goes on. My bottled honey and  my creamed honey will bring back memories of going to Grandma’s house and eating that ole time breakfast with biscuits and sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, coffee, and pure honey over the biscuits.

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